Anti Virus

Protecting yourself from infection
It is a fact that all computer users will become infected with a virus at some point. But you can take steps to minimise the risk and reduce the damage a successful infection can cause. How? By installing an Anti-virus program.

There are a number of programs available to buy, there are even some free programs on the Internet. If you bought a computer from a store you may even have been supplied with an anti-virus program as part of the software package.

Tips for preventing virus infections

-  Install anti-virus software. You can buy this from any computer store.

-  Keep your software updated: anti-virus software normally comes with a period of free updates which ranges from 3 to  12 months. You will need an Internet connection to install the updates. Try to do this every few days.

-  Only download files from a trusted website.

-  Disable the preview pane in your email program. Many viruses will exploit this feature.

-  Only load files from floppy disks and CDs from a trusted source.

-  Don’t open emails from people you don’t know, especially if it has an attachment.

-  Be careful when using peer to peer file sharing software, the file you are downloading may be infected.

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